Justin Volman

Chief Executive Officer

When you envision the makeup of an individual capable of heading an organization with our aspirations, a list of characteristics and intangibles emerge. If a player who possesses above-average skills in all aspects of baseball is known as a five-tool player, the Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network is grateful to have a five-tool CEO. Success rarely has a blueprint, which makes vision and drive paramount to creating a burgeoning organization. Justin has approached this venture with a passion to not only succeed, but execute on this very vision he refined working for the Cape Cod League’s Brewster Whitecaps. The freedom and guidance he has given to each individual invested in his idea rivals that of baseball’s greatest leaders. Growth and knowledge are the products of Justin’s expertise and our network prides itself on capturing that value and giving it back to all those connected to the CBBSN brand.

“I want to help make baseball as talented as possible. You can see in the Major Leagues, players don’t fit one arc type. You look at Chris Sale, he’s built like a twig; you look at Jose Altuve, and he’s 5-foot-5 on a good day. I want to use numbers to get rid of the notion players have to fit a certain mold to be able to succeed in the Major Leagues.”

“There are so many college baseball players across the United States, and there’s just not enough manpower to see all these players. We want to provide exposure to all these players. We want to give them exposure they might not otherwise get. Not just in the United States, but Canada as well, even internationally into the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and so forth.”


Jason Rubenstein

Vice President, Director of Data Management

Hailing from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the value Jason adds to the troves of  data our organization nurtures is invaluable. The tech giant Apple made a trade deadline acquisition, taking some of our VP’s time under their wing, but the impact he has in small samples is far more reliable than Mike Trout’s BABIP over a five-game stretch. Jason hopes to not only propel CBBSN’s analytics group wherever else statistical knowledge can be utilized to educate. His knowledge of the game and drive to succeed with this company is admired by each individual on the management staff.

Kurt Ascetta

Regional Supervisor – Southwest Region

Situated in the heat of Arizona, Kurt’s experiencing coaching baseball, and advancing the knowledge of players we hope to one day scout at higher levels was warmly welcomed to management’s core. Studying business data analytics at Arizona State University, his willingness to adapt is apparent with his minor in statistics and certificate in sports business. Kurt resembles the innovative thinker; already passionate about applying the perpetually expanding base of knowledge he has acquired. Running his own team is a bucket-list item that becomes more attainable as each day passes, we just hope he remembers us when he becomes the next BIlly Beane.


Richard Birfer

Regional Supervisor – Canada, Midwest Regions

Analyzing mechanics are an essential skill for any scout. If there was ever a prerequisite for advanced scouting, Richard’s current graduate work in the Biomechanics subset of Kinesiology at Brock University in Ontario far exceeds the baseline. Obsessed not only with the game of baseball itself, he fancies nuanced movements on the mound and in the batter’s box, Richard has given CBBSN an advanced understanding of a critical component in our network. Although he frequently becomes the backstop for Canadian-themed quips, he’s always able to tell who has clean mechanics when throwing him their thoughts.


Lance Brozdowski

Editor in Chief, Head of Content

One of two UMass Amherst graduates on the management side of CBBSN, Lance migrated into Massachusetts after spending his childhood years in the city of Milford, CT. Baseball has always been a constant in his life; playing, watching, and analyzing the sport each uniquely enriched his understanding of nuance in the game. His first initiative was to start a website, BigThreeSports, to create a conversation between analysis and fans. Further chances to grow extended towards SB Nation, a Baseball Prospectus team site, and Razzball, each opportunity solidifying aspirations rooted in a love for sports media. Lance aspires to integrate our group of writers into college baseball analysis and is prepared to guide each voice with the same passion he holds for the game itself.



Peyton Treywick

Regional Supervisor – Southeast Region

Biography coming soon…


James Gomes

Regional Supervisor – West Region

James spent his high school days in Kansas City, Missouri, before heading to Eugene, Oregon, to further his education with the University of Oregon. Playing baseball ever since he was young, he began to hear his calling on the scouting and operations side of the sport after realizing a 73 mph fastball wasn’t enough to pique scout’s interest. College baseball has always been a part of his life as his love for the game growing up came from attending Fresno State’s baseball games with his grandparents, and his family connections gifted him with Chicago Cubs’ pitcher Justin Wilson’s glove for use throughout his career opportunity to use. West of the Rocky Mountains harbors an immense base of talent that James hopes to exploit by teaching and growing his scouts to dutifully represent what he has learned in his baseball-enriched life.


Caleb Shank

Regional Supervisor – Northeast, Mid-Atlantic Regions

Caleb currently resides in southeastern Pennsylvania, knee deep in the sports management and business analytics programs at York College. A firm believer in baseball instincts, he has always had an eye for appreciating how difficult it can be to ingraining instincts in raw talent. With a past rooted in baseball at various levels, there was little doubt America’s pastime would be central to his career path. The Northeast is an area with wild passion for baseball, but is often overlooked due to the year-round presence of the sport elsewhere in the United States. Our network is grateful for the time, expertise, and knowledge Caleb brings to showing his region’s potential and value to teams of all pedigrees.


Adrian Sadighi

Social Media Manager

Balancing out our management team’s geographic distribution across the United States, Adrian originates from sunny San Diego. Currently a junior at Grand Canyon University, his perennial attendance of Padres’ games during summers catalyzed his love for the game. Since, he has gracefully channeled his admiration for the sport into a role promoting the CBBSN brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. His interaction with sports and social media has shown him just how integral personal brands can be in turning players into faces of the game and superstars. With goals of exposing the game’s underrated talent, Adrian spearheads CBBSN’s initiative to revolutionize how small-school players are perceived, and change the game as we know it.

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